Where to Start Black Clover Manga After Anime

The Black Clover Manga is a popular manga series and has a commendable fan base for the anime and manga adaptation. So, if you are wondering where to start black clover manga after anime you can finish the anime and then go for the manga.

The manga series is still having the new entries every week in the Shoren Jump magazine in Shueisha Weekly. The author of this original series is Yuki Tabata. To know what is going on next you have to refer to the Dark Triad and the Spade Kingdom saga. The Anime is adapted from the manga series till chapter 170. So, you can read after that to catch up with the rest of the adventure.

So, let us know more about the story and understand where to start the series and move ahead with the manga. I am sure you would like both the anime and the manga version of the series. And each week a new chapter unfolds in front of you.

What was Black Cover Anime Last Episode

In the last episode you get to know about Asta’s mother and her relation with the devil in Asta’s grimmoire. According to the devil binding contract Asta tries to defeat his devil as the two move ahead in story as equal. In the chapter of 270 a character named Natch teases both Asta and his devil. He says they only have a few days left for the training before they have to raid the Spade kingdom and stop Qliphoth from coming.

Yuki Tabata the original author of the series has written till chapter 287. Hence, the anime series is not much behind of the manga. But there is no exact information as to how long the manga series would continue.

This manga series is available in Viz and Shoren Jump library. You will get to read the new three chapters but if you wish to read the previous chapters then you have to pay a subscription to get access to them.


So now you know where to start black clover manga after anime. The author is increasing the length of the series each week. So you would not be out of information or story to read ahead. You can go for the anime and after finishing go ahead with the manga. And very soon you might find the entire manga series in anime as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to start Black clover manga after anime?

You can start the black clover manga after the anime after chapter 170.

Is Black clover manga adding more chapter to their series?

Yes, the author Yuki tabata is adding more new chapters to the series each week. Now there are 287 chapters as I write.

What we come to know at Black clover anime’s last episode?

In the last episode Asta’s mother is revealed and his relation with the devil is made clear. 

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