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One of the most popular manga series My Dress Up Darling was telecasted as an anime in January 2022. The audience loved the anime as they loved the manga series. The viewers are so thrilled with the manga, they are now speculating where to continue the manga series after the anime. The manga series is still adding more chapters to their series and the readers are delighted by reading them.

Shnichi Fukada is the writer and illustrator of this fascinating manga series. The plot of the series is quite intriguing and hence it draws a lot of audience since it has been released. The manga series is based on the cosplay and otaku cultures. In the first season of the anime it has 12 chapters.

So, if you are interested to know where my dress up darling manga after anime can be continued, you read the blog ahead and know all the required information for continuing with the manga.

My Dress Up Darling Anime Ending

My Dress up Darling

The anime ended with the characters Marin and Gojo going for a summer festival. Gojo carried her entire home after her sandals were hurting her feet. And Marin was wearing a yukata. The final episode was telecasted on the chapters 37 to 39. So, if you wish to start reading the manga you can do it from chapter 40. It is the volume 6 of the series. The volume starts with a whole new storyline.

There is an English version of the manga series which is published by Square Enix. The volume 9 of the series was released in July and volume 10 in October 2023 respectively.

Are you an ardent fan of my dress up darling then you can download the series or buy the books physically in Books and Comixology. You may also check your nearest bookstore and library for books of the manga series. Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine first released the manga series in January 2018. And till August 2023, 11 volumes have been released of My dress up darling.

Clover Works have released the anime of the manga series and soon it became immensely popular among the manga and anime fans globally. The anime was aired between January to March 2022. And it added laurels to the fan base of the anime series.

My Dress Up Darling Storyline

My Dress up Darling

The manga has a character named Wakana Gojo. He is a high school student and has a passion for traditional hina dolls. With great dedication and fine craftsmanship he creates each and every doll all by himself. One day he crosses path with Marin Kitagawa another student of his own school.

Marin has a dream of becoming a cosplayer but she faces issues with sewing skills. Wakana felt sorry for her and he helped her to design and sew her dresses. The story revolves majorly around these two characters and their journey of pursuing their respective passion and friendship among themselves.

This manga is special for many manga lovers as the story revolves around the pursuit of their creativity which no other series had. Their dedication towards what they love to do and how they make their dreams come true make the series much more special and dear for its fan. The manga series has romance, cosplay and comedy in their story which further captivates the readers to search for more content on this series.

The anime was also quite captivating for its visual effects and amazing animation techniques. The series has been critically acclaimed and has appreciated the portrayal of the cosplay community. The costumes designed in the anime were breath-taking also gained a lot of popularity among the audience.

The story shares how the personal interests of two individuals can help them to nurture a friendship among themselves. Their relation even helped each other grow in their respective fields. And hence this series has a devoted fan base to its name.


The manga series My Dress Up Darling has gained a lot of popularity with the release of the anime. Although the anime is not been telecasted now, but the manga series has released now. And the dedicated fan base of the series eagerly waits for the new addition to the chapters. They are thrilled to know and learn more about the creativity behind the dolls and the life of a cosplayer. So, I hope all your answers to my dress up darling manga after anime have been answered in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chapter from which My Dress Up Darling manga after anime can be read?

You can read the manga of my dress up darling from chapter 40.

What is the main theme of the manga series My Dress Up Darling manga series?

The story revolves around two main characters that has great passion for creating dolls and being a cosplayer.

How many volumes does My Dress Up Darling has?

The manga series of my dress up darling has 11 volumes as I write this blog.

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