Where Does Black Clover Anime End in Manga

Black Clover Anime is coming to an end and readers are wondering where to start the manga series. After a long hiatus of four years and running for 170 episodes ultimately the Black Clover Anime has come to an end. So now the viewers are anticipating would to expect next from the series.

In the series Black Clover there are two main characters Asta and Yuno. They were abandoned at the church as babies and are raised together. While growing up both dreamt of becoming the Wizard king. This is a very prestigious title which is given to one of the strongest mage of the kingdom. As they grow up Yuno becomes a young adolescence mage but Asta lacks magic. But Asta is bestowed with a power as he can made anybody’s magic vanish. The story goes ahead as to who would become the coveted wizard king.

To know more you have to read the blog and get the rest of the information. If you are among the fans who wants to know where does Black Clover Anime end in Manga, then you are on the right page.

Where Does Black Clover Anime End in Manga

The anime is an adaptation of the Black Clover Manga series. The anime conclude in the chapter 270 of the manga series. So, if you are done with the anime and still wish to continue reading you can read from 270 to 300. Till chapter 170 the anime has created a huge fan base and the audience was not happy with the anime ending so soon.

But there was some good news for the Black Clover fans is that the organizers of the show have declared that starting from May 2022, they are taking a three months break and they would prepare for the final leg of the series. So, fans can only wait for the last portion of the anime to be released.

This will give them enough time to keep the anime in alignment with the manga. So, they would not run out of content for the anime.

The anime ended with the revelation of Asta and her mother, and her connection with grimoire. Asta also defeats the devil and forms a devil binding contract. Another character named Natch mentioned that they have limited days to train themselves before they raid the Spade Kingdom and stop the Qliphoth to come along. Here ends the anime, keeping their fans with lots of questions and answers.


Now you have the exact story where does Black Clover Anime end in manga. You can now start reading the manga if you wish to. Although some fans are eagerly waiting as the rest of the manga series would also be made into anime, so they can enjoy the anime version of the Black clover series. So, wait for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Black clover anime end in manga?

The black clover anime end with the chapter 270 of the manga series.

Will there be another season of anime on Black clover?

Yes as per the organizers of the show have informed they are planning with another anime series with the rest of the chapters in manga.

What happens in the last episode of the Black clover anime?

The anime ended with the revealation of Asta and her mother, and her connection with grimoire

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