Where Does Hell’s Paradise Anime End in Manga

The Hell’s Paradise Anime season one finale was aired in July 2023. It is an adaptation from Yuji Kaku’s manga series. The first season has ended successfully. And the audience is eagerly waiting for the next season to commence. The animation studio MAPPA created all the fight sequences for this series.

The first season was an adaptation from the first two stories from the manga. It included the Island Arc story and the Lord Tensen Arc story as well. The series have been extremely captivating. The fight sequences were ethereal and the major attraction of the season 1.

So, let us know where Hell’s Paradise Anime ends in manga in the blog in detail. I am sure you would love to know the details for the next season as well.

Hell’s Paradise Season: 1

The climax of the show Hell’s paradise was quite intense. As there was a huge conflict between the main characters of the show. The character of the series are Yuzuriha, Sagiri, Nurugai, Shion and Mu Dan. Among them the most dangerous is Mu Dan. He has special abilities, which causes parasitic flowers to erupt form the bodies of the opponents. Shion is also a fierceful fighter. He risked his life quite a few times against dreadful fights against Mu Dan as he wanted to take the revenge of the death of his friend Tenza.

The fight sequences are beautifully depicted in the Anime adaptation. Especially the fight scene of Mu Dan was a treat to watch. The audience is eager to see what special fight scenes would be included in the next season of Hell’s paradise.

Where Does Hell’s Paradise Anime End in Manga?

The first season of the Hell’s adaptation anime is a major adaptation from the manga stories. Whereas some viewers still want to transition and read the manga source of the story by Yuji Kaku. In the manga there are four arcs’ among which the first two Arcs Island and Lord Tensen arc is already being adapted for the anime series season 1. Now the next two arcs Horai and Departure arc are the penultimate and ultimate part of the series respectively. The entire series consists of 126 chapters. The Horai arc starts from chapter 50 and Departure arc from chapter 110. The departure arc is the conclusion of the series and helps the readers experience of reading manga.

How Does Hell’s Paradise Season 1 Ended?

In Hell’s paradise season one there is a fierce battle between the Tensen warrior Mu Dan and Sagiri and Yuzuriha. And Shion and Naruto arrived with their warriors to rescue them from Nu Dan. Shion did not leave the battlefield against Nu Dan. And other warriors were busy saving Senta who was wounded. He was attacked by the deadly parasitic flowers that had got their roots embedded in the flesh of Senta. Removing the roots was extremely tedious as the roots were deep within the flesh and removing them caused a lot of blood loss.

Nurugai took Sagiri in his arms to give him some of the powers and stamina of samurai in him. Nurugai has such ability of transformation since childhood. After gaining back some of his powers Sagiri and Nurugai went to rescue Shion, who was fighting against Mu Dan. Although the trio gave a tough time to Mu Dan but Shion was the one who outshined. He was in anger and guilt of running away from the battlefield earlier and hence, his Tao abilities increased to fight against Mu Dan.

Senta who was recovering from the wounds of Mu Dan revealed the weak points of the monster. And Shion was intelligent enough to use the move and give a fatal blow to the monster and end his life. As Mu Dan breathed his last other warriors Shion and Senta were also seriously injured by Mu Dan. His parasitic flowers had inflicted serious wounds on them and they were profusely bleeding, ending the story for season 1.


The first season of Hell’s paradise has ended keeping the audience at the edges of their seats with the wonderful effects of the action sequence between the characters. I hope now you have all your answers for where does Hell’s paradise anime end in manga. The intense season have left the audience also waiting for what the next season would unfold. So let us wait and watch what Hell’s paradise season two would brings in for us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Hell’s Paradise Anime End in Manga?

The Hell’s paradise anime season one has ended in the chapter 45 so the manga will continue from chapter 60.

How has season 1 of Hell’s Paradise anime ended?

In the first season the Hell’s paradise has ended with a fierce battle between Mu Dan and other warriors Shion and senta.

When will Hell’s Paradise season 2 start?

There has been no exact information of when the season 2 will commence, but there are speculations about it starting in 2024.

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