Where Does Hunter x Hunter Anime End in Manga

One of the most popular manga of all time is Hunter x Hunter. It has been continuing for more than two decades. Although there was a long break in the manga series. But even with the long gap in the publishing of the manga, it keeps the readers captivated with its content. And the anime was enough to keep the audience on the edges of their seat.

The anime has been telecasted twice since the manga started publishing. Most of the readers are wondering where the exact place to start reading the manga is. The mangaka of Hunter x Hunter has decided to continue the manga series for its fans.

To know more about the place to start reading the manga read the blog below for more information. If you are familiar with the anime series then you will be thrilled to know more about it.

Where Does Hunter x Hunter Anime End?

Where Does Hunter x Hunter Anime End in Manga

Yoshihiro Togashi is the mangaka for hunter x hunter. After chapter 390 the mangaka was on a long break since 2018 as he was going through a lot of health issues. After his health has recuperated he has decided to continue the manga after four long years. His next manga chapter of 391 was featured in the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on October 23, 2022. So, fans are anticipating that the manga will continue to bring in new content for them.

As the news of the return of the manga spread some of the fans are anticipating to read the chapters after the anime of 2011. So, they are asking from which chapter they must start after the end of the anime in 2011. So, fans can start reading the manga from chapter 339 named Stillness.

Two animation houses have adapted the manga for the anime: Nippon Animation in 1999 and Madhouse in 2011. The second anime in 2011 is more popular as it has adapted more chapters of mangas.

In 1999 the anime had 62 episodes. It covered till chapter 184 of the manga series. The anime released in 2011 has 148 episodes and it covered the manga till the 339 chapter which is the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc. So readers can read after chapter 339 which is the beginning of the Dark Continent Expedition Arc.

How Did The Hunter x Hunter Anime Ended?

In the last anime telecasted in 2011, Chairman Netero dies in the battle against Chimera Ant King Mereum. This happens in the Chimera Ant Arc. The Hunter Association decided to conduct an election and there we can see the Zodiacs. They had gathered to act as the council to conduct the elections. And fans were surprised to know Gon’s father Ging Freecss was also a Zodiac member. Another character of the series Leorio returns to the series. He became a prominent candidate in the election for the chairman. There he punched Ging. To do so he used the ability of Nen, as he was insensitive towards Gon’s condition. After a fight against Chimera Ant Neferpitou Gon was hospitalized.

Killua and his servant worked together to use his sister Alluka’s ability to help Gon recover from his injuries. After Gon recovered he met Ging at the top of the World Tree and discussed with him. After the discussion was over Gon decided to go on an expedition. He bid farewell from Killua and took a ship to go to the Dark Continent. The anime ends there and keeps their fans waiting for the next anime to be telecasted.


Now Hunter x Hunter is back with the manga series and it is anticipated the anime might soon be released. Now you can read the manga series after the last anime had ended. So, just grab the manga and know the happenings of the story now. Do share your feedback on how you liked the manga or the anime in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the anime Hunter X Hunter released?

The anime of Hunter x Hunter was released in 2011.

Where does the Hunter x Hunter anime end in the manga?

If you wish to continue the manga of Hunter x Hunter after the anime then you can continue reading from chapter 339.

Did the manga series of Hunter x Hunter have a long gap in between?

Yes, the mangaka of Hunter x Hunter was facing health issues so the manga was not in publication for four long years.

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