The End of The World Manga | Know When it is Ending?

Manga has been quite instrumental in bringing in the life stories and emotions that we experience around us. The beautiful stories woven by the mangakas and their beautiful illustrations mesmerize the audience and bring in a new world in front of them.

Here I have discussed the end of the world manga. This romantic story can be inspired by the life of any person who has been or is in a romantic relationship. If you are anyone among them then you will love to read the manga and know the story.

So, without any further delay, let us read about the story of this manga and know more.

Story of The End of The World Manga

The protagonist of this story is Yura Hawang. She is a struggling actress. She fortunately got a minor role in a big banner movie which is predicted to become a super hit after its release. A boy named Seunghyeon Kang crosses paths with Yura. They keep on meeting each other co-incidentally. And every time the boy sees Yura he is overwhelmed with emotion. He has tears in his eyes.

They had the opportunity to do a movie together named Time. And that gives the boy an opportunity to understand why he cannot get over Yura and why he continuously crosses paths with him.

With the movie, Yura also gets an opportunity to prove her skill in the movie industry and make a name for herself.

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Do you like the story of the End of the World manga? If yes, get a physical copy of the manga or get a digital one. You must read the manga to know where destiny will take Yura and the boy. And will they be able to understand their respective skill and emotions? Only the manga has the answer to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of the End of the World manga?

The creator of the End of the World manga is Shin Yuri

Which is the last chapter of the End of the World manga?

The manga is not yet over and currently, chapter 8 is being released.

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