The End Rollback Manga is Ending? Know The Details Now

Hey manga lovers we are back with another story of a popular manga. This is about End Rollback Manga. This manga has a captivating storyline. It is simple but weaves a beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister. The anime of this series is yet to be released.

The manga has one of the most amazing illustrations by Haruna Nakazato. The characters are beautifully described to create a world where the reader can feel them to be as good as being real. There are a total of 13 chapters of the manga series.

So, let us get to know the plot of the manga in detail. I am sure most of you can relate to the story of the manga with your life or with any of your acquaintances. So, read ahead to know more about them!

Story of End Rollback Manga

The story starts with Yuka who is bullied by some people. Due to the incident she commits suicide and dies. Her brother is Asaharu he is dejected with himself for not being able to save his sister from committing suicide. He then comes across an angle. He agrees to come to a deal with the angels.

He will be helped by the angel to find the person who instigated her to commit suicide. The time limit given to him is three months. If he can find the culprit then he can bring back his sister to life. But nothing comes for free. If he commits any mistake then his life expectancy would decrease.

Now, he has to decide which life is more important to him, his sister’s or himself. With this deal, Asaharu starts looking for the criminal. And the manga continues with this plot and carries the readers along with it.

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Now you know the entire story for the end rollback manga. I am sure you now like to go and grab the manga and read it. So, get to the nearest store and get a physical copy of the manga or you can go for the digital read. The choice is yours. But do share your feedback with us through the comments below, we would be eagerly waiting to read them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Yuka die in end rollback manga?

In the story end rollback manga Yuka dies by committing suicide. She can not bear the bullying she has to go through and ends her life.

Which is the last chapter of the end rollback manga?

The manga series end rollback manga is in chapter 13 as I write this blog.

Who has written End Rollback Manga?

The creator of end rollback manga is Kantetsu, Nakazato and Haruna.

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