How to Make a Manga | 6 Steps to Make A Perfect Manga

Manga creation can take time and need a lot of artistic skills. A person creating manga characters have to take inspiration from real life people. They have to be extremely creative and have a keen eye for detailing. Hence artists creating manga can be discouraged in the initial stages. They have to keep trying and polish their skills with time.

Manga artists have to really creative to give life to their imagination. They have to give the proper expression to the characters so that the audience are captivated by their art and enjoy reading their content. As manga is a Japanese creation the right content is also crucial for adding value to the story. Hence, manga translators also have to co-ordinate with the manga creators to get the right feel of the art and translate accordingly.

If you are wondering how to make a manga then you can read the blog in detail. It will give you a deep insight into the detailed method of manga creation.  From drawing the manga to including the content and even adding color to the characters.

6 Easy Steps to Know How to Make a Manga

1. Create a Script

The manga artist has to decide on the genre for which they would create a story. It can be fantasy, love or even fiction. After deciding on it they have to work out on the characters to include in the story. Everyone has to be thought over, like the hero, heroine, villain and side actors as well.

All the characters sketches have to drawn. The sketches have to bring out the true facets of the person. Their faces should be a mirror of the mindset they carry. The draft of the entire script has to be scripted.

The entire script has to be divided into sections. And each section should have an action depicting the story in detail. A pre-script should be made where the other details like the chapters and number of pages should be included. The proper sequel in which the story should be released is prepared. This will help the artist to plan the entire story very intricately.

2. Draw a Storyline

You have to develop and think about how the story would go ahead in future. How the characters would behave, how they are gone a look and think. You even have to think about what to include in each chapter and series and keep the reader captivated. There should be a storyline to follow.

The content to be included should be thought over beforehand. In manga you have to think about the number of boxes you are going to need. And how you are going to organize them and maintain a balance in the page. In the Japanese language you read from right to left so you the first box should appear on the upper right corner first. You also have to bring in variations in the sizes of the box and illustrations; this will help the readers not to get bored while reading the manga.

3. Draw a Sketch

When it comes to draw the boxes, you have to use a blue pencil. This pencil is unique as it becomes invisible during printing. To draw the sketches you have to use a grey colored pencil. Inside each box draw your sketches and make the necessary settings. You have to mark each place where you need to insert the effects.

4. Using The Ink

When you come to the part of filling in the ink, you have to fill in the contours of the boxes first. If you are really skilled then you can use a ruler and a pen to draw the lines. But if you have just started drawing manga then use a tool named radiograph or an ultra fine point pen. You can use the pen to draw your dialogue balloons or captions. You can even fill in the contours of the settings or the characters, wherever required. You can add the grids, speed lines, effects and flashes.

5. Fill in Details

When you wish to fill in the details like the clothes, hair, background you can use a fine pen to fill in the details. This will make your work much more precise. You can use a wide marker or a paint brush marker for blocks and shading. Here you need to add in the screens to the background. Before adding the screen you have to clean the surface of the original drawing. Then you can make them light or smudge them which would help them to create an effect to the drawings.

6. Check The Final Touches

The last part is checking and adding in the details to complete the manga ready to be printed or published. Here you have to add the dialogues and other important details. Like to add more emotion to your characters you can add the white correction fluid in the middle of their pupil. You can add the correction fluid in the dark sky behind and create a starry setting for your hero and heroine to share a romantic moment together.

You can use any kind of white ink to add life or make your drawings look more perfect. Add in the dialogues to the balloons. You can also add in more details to your drawing by using the colored inks.


Creating manga is a work of art. Artists who are involved in this profession have to be patient, have a keen eye for detailing and extremely creative. I hope this blog was able to satiate all your queries on how to make a manga. The process may look a lengthy but it is all worth the hard work when the final product comes to life. So, you can always give a try and see how your imagination takes you further.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make manga?

There are various steps involved in creating a manga like creating a script, drawing the sketches, filling in the outlines, filling in color and giving the final touches.

Can I use simple pens to draw manga?

There are special tools like fine pen, markers and colors to create manga drawings.

Who writes the dialogue for manga characters?

The manga artists who create the characters write their dialogues, as they are more aware about their emotions involved in the story.

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