Who Made Me a Princess Manga

This is a manga story about a princess and her yearning for love. This story has garnered a lot of attention throughout the world. Many manga lovers could resonate with the characters of the story. Hence, today you are going to read in detail about who made me a princess manga story. I hope you would also like the story and may find similarity with the character.

The story has almost 125 chapters to its name and the readers love the way it has been concocted. The readers are even eager to reread the previous chapters. Someone even suggested me to read the chapters of this story and yes even I started liking them a lot.

So, without wasting any more time please read below and know the entire story in a gist. I hope the summary would invoke your interest in reading who made me a princess manga.

What is the Story of Who Made Me A Princess?

There is a story named The Lovely Princess. There is a character named Athanasia de Alger Obelia. She was a princess but an unhappy one. Her father was Emperor Claude de Alger Obelia and he was not very fond of his daughter and did not love her. Unfortunately her mother died while giving birth to her. She was deprived of the paternal love she deserved and always looked to receive it from others around her.

When she grew up her father conspired to kill her and with his orders she was executed.

Who Made Me A Princess in Manga?

The story is just a simple bed time story where a princess is killed in the hands of her biological father. The story goes as a Korean woman doses off to sleep by consuming some sleeping pills. Suddenly wakes up one day to find she has woken up in the body of the infant unfortunate princess. So, she plans to survive her destined fate. But time is running out for her. She has two options to go ahead with one is live a quite life and do not get noticed by the emperor and the second is collect a lot of money and run away from the palace. And the last option is she can get into the good books of her father so that he can never think of hurting his own daughter ever.

The first option does not work for her as she meets the emperor at the age of five. She can only rely on the last option she to ensure a happy ending for her life.

But destiny had other plans for her; Athanasia had a biological sister named Jennette Margarita. She always longed for a family of very high ranking nobility through power. And the emperor has a terrible past to hold on to. She the emperor was in danger of losing anything he loved including his daughter and power.


The story is quite captivating. The artwork is beautiful and the characters are quite charming to relate to. Readers who like fantasy and romance would love to read this manga story. The title who made me a princess is an apt title as the woman who is transformed into a princess is clueless about how she became one. You should download the story and read it I am sure you would not stop till you finish the series just like I did!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is who made me a princess manga?

Yes it is a Korean fantasy manga about a story of a woman who suddenly becomes a princess.

Does the princess die at the end of the story?

The story unfolds very interestingly and the princess is left with options to save herself from getting killed.

In what genre does who made me a princess come?

The manga story comes in the genre of Korean romantic fantasy.

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