How to Read Manga | Know The Tips And Tricks Now!

Manga has been my fascinating many since ages. The description, characters, genre, the visuals and everything is quite captivating. Anyone who is a novice to this kind of reading would instantly fall in love with it as soon as they start reading them. But people who are absolutely new would wonder how to read manga? This is a very obvious question, but nothing to worry I have everything covered in this blog.

I know people who have found about manga and were not interested to read them in the beginning. But with time and introduction to these comics they have already found their favorite genre among them. Manga is quite addictive and believe me a very healthy addiction to carry on with.

So, without wasting any more time let us get to know how we can read manga or know more about related comics.

How to Read Manga?

Manga is a comics created in Japan. But with its huge popularity you can get the comics in English as well. There are different genres in manga to read into. But there is a bit difference in reading manga and reading other comics. As mentioned earlier manga originated from Japan, so the comics is written in Japanese language initially. And it is written vertically not horizontally. Initially they were also written from right to left. But with time things started changing and now manga is written horizontally from left to right.

Most mangas are written from right to left. So, if you open a manga book you do not read from the beginning as you do in other traditional English books. You start from the end. Then you read across and go to the next line starting from right. It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning but with time you get used to it.

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How to Read Digital Manga?

Manga is released in printed version in Japan and other countries as well. But with it became time consuming for translating and the cost needed for printing and distributing manga worldwide was quite overwhelming. And manga comics has new series being released quite often. So, to make things easier for the artists and the readers the digital version was introduced. It saved a lot of time, money, and helped to reach out to a larger audience within no time.

There are two types of manga released digitally. One is the official release and the other is the fan translation. The fan translations are also known as scanlations. The scanlations are named so by the method in which they are created. He fans take the original manga and scan them on their computers. The Japanese texts are removed and the translated language is replaced with it. After the work is completed it is uploaded online. Although it is a fast way of getting hold of the manga you are looking for, but it is not legal. They defy the terms and conditions of copywright.

Official releases are genuine ones. They support the creator of the manga. Such mangas are of high quality as the creators work on the master files rather than the printed or the scanned copies. These mangas are even more accurate in terms of the written content present there. They have direct access to the manga creators and know the actual intention and dialogues exchanged.

How to Read Manga Online Legally?

There are many great platforms where you can legally read manga online. Below I have listed some of them, do check out the list and choose the one best suited for you.

Shoren Jump: They have a digital version. And they release their manga on weekly basis. They are quite renowned and loved by manga readers in Japan. Some of the most well-known manga stories are being released on Shoren Jump. To name a few are Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach. You have to subscribe to their platform on monthly basis and have access to the previous chapters and also get to read the new chapters of the mangas running every week.

Comixology: This manga platform is owned by Amazon. Here you can even subscribe to their platform or buy individual titles as per your choice. Apart from manga you can also get to read comics from Marvel and DC within the same subscription.

Manga Plus: Here you get to read manga legally and that too absolutely free. Here you can read the titles of Shoren Jump. But there are certain limitations as you might find chapters missing or may not get the access to them. Here also you have the option of subscription for reading the mangas.

VIZ media: Here you can buy your favorite manga. And even read the comics on their VIZ app. The Shoren Jump subscription is also available through VIZ.

Book Walker: This is a manga lover’s delight. Here you would find tons of manga books available on their platform. You have to access their official global website. And if you wish to read manga, you can download the Book Walker app and read your favorite manga there.


I hope you now have a list of the authentic manga websites where you can buy and read original manga. If you wish to go for a subscription, I would suggest you to go through their catalogue and read it carefully. You must just choose the most apt platform you wish to go ahead with and dive in the world of manga with your favorite characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to read manga online?

There are many platforms like Shorem jump, Book Walker, VIZ media and more which will help you to read the manga comics online.

Can I buy manga books online?

Yes, you can buy the manga books online through legal websites like comixology and book walker.

Are there sites where I can get to read manga for free?

Yes, there are websites which provide scanned versions of manga which you can read them. But they might not be of very good quality. 

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