Know About World’s End Harem Manga Before it is Over

One of the most popular manga series that I have ever come across is The World’s End Harem manga. In this series, you would get romance, tragedy, sci-fiction, mystery, and drama in one platter. This manga has been translated into English due to its huge popularity.

Hence, I have written the detailed story of the manga for you. This will help you understand the manga in detail and even encourage you to read it. Earlier even I did not like to read this but after I got to know the story, even I was drawn towards it.

So, read the story in detail and decide for yourself whether to read it further in the manga or not. I am sure you would also like the story like I did and would be excited to know more about it.

Storyline of World’s End Harem Manga

The creator of this manga is Morel. He is a renowned mangaka and has gained a lot of popularity due to the World’s End harem manga. In the story, you would come across a killer virus named man-killer. This virus has eradicated the majority of the male population.

Miruhara Reito has been in cryogenic sleep for the past five years. A girl named Tachibana Erisa has been his girl of dreams. After coming back from the frozen sleep state he finds himself in a different world. Due to the decline of the male population, the world has become crazy for physical intimacy. And hence, Miruhara has become the most precious resource on the planet.

Along with Reito four other males are studs. They are given a luxurious life and a simple mission to accomplish. They have to repopulate the world. This can only be done by impregnating the maximum number of women they can.

But Reito has other plans, he wants to look for his lady love Erisa. As she has been missing for the past three years. Now it is a bigger challenge in front of Reito whether he wants to look for his love or move on with the mission given to him.

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Do you like the story of the manga? If yes then you can get a copy of World’s End Harem and know about the rest of the story. It is available in both the physical and digital versions. So, grab a copy of your choice. And if you like the manga do share your feedback. They motivate us to bring in more content to you of similar genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of World’s End harem manga?

Morel is the creator of World’s End harem manga.

What happens to Reito when he wakes up?

When Reito wakes up from his sleep of five years he is welcomed in a crazy and strange world without men.

On which chapter is the manga currently running?

The World’s End harem manga ends in chapter 47.

Where can I read the World’s End harem manga?

You can read the world’s end harem manga in the Shonen Jump+ app.

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