Did Chainsaw Man Manga End Abruptly? Know The Reasons Now!

Chainsaw Man is among the most prominent manga stories for the new generation. The anime and the visual effects used in the anime are also quite contemporary and have added more to its popularity. There are very few mangas that are similar to chainsaw man and will be always remembered for their popularity. But readers are wondering did Chainsaw Man manga end?

The characters that are introduced in the manga have left a mark both in the minds of the readers and in the industry it belongs to. The first season of the anime Chainsaw Man received a lot of accolades. And viewers are eagerly waiting for the second season.

So to put all your questions to rest I have introduced a new blog where all the above questions will be answered in detail. So, just spare a few minutes and read the blog to get to know all the answers to your questions.

Is Chainsaw Man Manga Ending?

If reports are to be believed, chainsaw manga is not ending anytime soon. Even the anime adaptation from the manga would also continue. I hope most of you would have a sigh of relief by learning this. The creator of the manga plans to continue the manga till 2025.

The manga is currently on Chapter 123 in 13 volumes as I write this blog. Season 1 of the anime has already been released. In an interview, the creator has also assured that the second part of the anime is being created. And it would continue from the exact place where the first part had concluded.

In the second part of the manga and the anime new characters are introduced. This would make the anime much more interesting for its audience. The creator was also asked whether he wished to continue the manga series with part 3 or not.

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In answer, he has replied that the pressure of releasing a new chapter of the manga series is quite huge. And hence, he would like to concentrate on his current part. So, whether the manga will continue after part 2 is still not decided.

The anime of the manga is supposed to continue than the manga itself. And if the manga continues after part two then the anime would continue even longer.


So, I hope I was able to provide the answer to your queries regarding did Chainsaw Man manga end? The answer has given great joy and expectation to a lot of audiences. The entertainment given by the manga and the anime is tremendous and the viewers do not wish to lose them. And the manga artists also draw enthusiasm through this feedback. So, enjoy reading the manga, till we come back with another sensational story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mangaka of Chainsaw Man manga?

The mangaka of chainsaw man manga is Tatsukhi Fujimoto.

Did Chainsaw Man manga end?

No, the Chainsaw Man manga did not end and there is no chance of the manga ending so soon.

Which season of the anime of chainsaw Man manga is about to release?

Season 1 of th Chainsaw Man manga has already been released and has become a huge hit. Now the viewers are waiting for season 2 to release.

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