When is The Blue Lock Movie Episode Nagi Release Date in 2024

The wait is finally over. The Blue Lock movie episode Nagi release date is now announced. This is the first theatrical release of the Blue Lock movie episode Nagi release date. The anime of Blue Lock was announced in 2022.

The manga was quite popular among the young audience globally. And after the release date has been announced the viewers are eager to watch the movie at the earliest.

So, let’s not keep you waiting to know the exact date of release. You can spare a few minutes and read the blog and know all the related details. So, explore the world of Blue Lock and get to know the real story.

Back Story About Blue Lock Movie

The movie is based on a spin-off series on the original Blue Lock movie. The mangaka of the series is Muneyuki Kaneshiro and has been illustrated by Yusuke Nomura.

The assistant director of the anime Shunsuke Ishikawa is directing the film. The production studio is 8-bit. The episode of Nagi is a prequel to the anime. It is about the soccer genius Nagi Sheishiro. It did not depict the main protagonist Yoichi Isagi.

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Blue Lock movie Episode Nagi: Release date

On November 26th, 2023 the official website of the series revealed that the release date of the movie is April 19th, 2024. During the Conema Con 2024, Crunchyroll announced that the episode Nagi would be released in North American theaters on June 24th, 2024. So, two months after the release of the movie in Japan, it would be released in  North America.

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced on May 11th, 2024 that the global release of the movie is in the June and July of 2024. The poster release and trailer launch, feature the character of the movie from the Second Selection Arc.

On the poster you can see Nagi’s Team V in the background and Isagi’s Team Z in the foreground. The story in the movie follows the life of Nagi before he entered the Blue Lock facility. In the trailer, you can watch how from a lazy high school boy Nagi becomes a soccer prodigy.

Hence, later he was able to participate in the Ego’s Blue Lock program which was a facility specially designed to create the greatest striker in the globe.

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Now you have the Blue Lock movie Episode Nagi: Release date. So, you have to wait for the movie to release at your nearest theater or OTT platform and enjoy the movie. You can share your experiences after watching the movie. You can even share how you liked the anime or manga of the series. Till then enjoy the world of manga and anime.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Blue Lock movie Episode Nagi Release date?

The release date of the Blue Lock movie episode Nagi is June or July of 2024 in global theaters.

Who is Nagi?

Nagi is a high school boy and with proper training and dedication, he grew up to become a soccer prodigy.

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