How Many Episodes Are in Kaiju no 8 to Watch in 2024?

In Kaiju’s mesmerizing world, the story has enchanted its audience with thrill and action. The viewers are satisfied with the way the manga was adapted into the anime. So now the question is how many episodes are in Kaiju no. 8?

The story unfolds as the mayhem of the monsters and the drama unfold into action manga to a global hit. But viewers are wondering how long the battles of the kaiju last to mesmerize the audience.

So to get the answer for the same refer to the blog where all the details are present. I am sure you will not be left without any answers for the episodes of Kaiju. So, let the battle of the kaiju’s mesmerize you and let you create the magic.

Story of Kaiju no 8                                

The story begins with a world infested with monsters Known as kaiju. And to curb the monsters there a Defense forces who fight to remove them. Kafka Hibino dreams of joining such a Defense force to combat and eliminate the kaiju. He is accompanied by his childhood friend Mina Ashro. He tried several times to join the Defense forces but failed. After failing so many times he took up the job of cleaning the corpses of the kaijus.

During his job as a cleaner, he mistakenly ingests a kaiju. He transforms him into a human kaiju hybrid. The newfound power grants him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately, this blessing turned into a curse when he landed on the most wanted list of the Defence Force as the code name Kaiju no. 8

Although he is transformed into a monster he still retains his humanity and dreams of fulfilling his childhood dream. He decides to join the defense forces with the hidden intention of fighting with the kaiju while staying in the organization. But he also decides to keep his abilities a secret.

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How Many Episodes Are in Kaiju no 8?

There are 12 episodes of season 1 of the anime Kaiju no 8. On Saturday, June 8th, 2024 the final episode of season 1 of Kaiju no 8 will air. The timing will be midnight as per the JST or the Japan Standard Time. For the other countries, the timing would differ as per their international time zones.

So do you wish to miss the finale of season 1? I hope not. So subscribe to the streaming platforms and enjoy the seamless version of the Kaiju no 8. The platforms are Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll, Disney Plus, and Netflix. The availability of the platforms may vary as per the country you reside in.

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As you have all the information for how many episodes are in Kaiju no 8 you can just select your favorite streaming platform and enjoy the show. Even I will be enjoying my weekends with friends and family watching this show. Do share your valuable feedback with us. Have an enjoyable anime time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes are in Kaiju no 8?

There are 12 episodes in kaiju no 8.

What happens to Kafka while cleaning the corps?

While Kafka was cleaning the corpse of the kaiju one day he landed in trouble by accidentally ingesting a kaiju.

Why he is code named Kaiju no 8?

Kafka is code-named Kaiju No as he’s among the most wanted list of the Defence forces.

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