Know The Wind Breaker Episode 7 Release Date For 2024 | Get All The Details About The Episode Now!

The Wind Breaker manga has gained a lot of popularity as the anime moves ahead. Hence, most viewers are wondering what is the Wind Breaker episode 7 release date. I know you must be wondering the same thing, but don’t worry I have got you covered.

Currently, the anime is midway through the Bofurin versus Shishitoren Arc. And the makers guarantee you one thing that the fight will become more intense than before.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us get to know all the details. I am sure you would be waiting with bated breath to know the release date. So, I would not take much of your time and reveal the details now.

Wind Breaker Episode 6             

In the last episode, the audience had seen the raw power of Bofurin’s Four Kings. They where among the kings one named Toma Higari. He has showcased the immense power he had. The sharp-toothed protector went against Kota Sako who was Shishitoren’s rising star.

Sako and Higari were childhood friends and their rivalry went beyond their school as well. At one point in time, Higari offered support to Sako but their bond was broken when Higari distanced himself.

Now after so many days, Sako provokes Higari to show his full potential. This would also help Sako to prove his strength as well. Their clash continued in the episode 7 as well. Wind Breaker’s main protagonist Haruka Sakura finally had to step in. He fought against Jo Togame who is Shishitoren’s misleading commander.

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 Wind Breaker Episode 7 Release Date

The episode would release on May 17th 2024 Friday at 12 midnight according to JST. The release timings for the global audience would be as per their time zone. It would be available for viewers on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Global audience can view them at GMT+8 at 11 pm, ET (Eastern Time) at 11 AM, PT (Pacific Time) at 8 AM, CT (Central Time) at 10 am, GMT (Western European Time) at 10 am, CET (Central European Time) at 5 pm, IST (Indian Standard Time) at 8:30 pm.

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Now you have all the information for the Wind Breaker episode 7 release date. Hence, you can enjoy the episode with friends and family on your favorite platform. I am sure the action would keep you at the edges of your seat. So, do watch the episode and share your feedback regarding the same in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Wind Breaker episode 7 release date?

The release date for Wind Breaker is on May 17th 2024 at midnight JST.

From which part of the manga will the episode 7 adapt?

From the Bofurin and Shishitoren Arc the anime would adapt the manga.

 Are Sako and Higari old friends?

Yes, Sako and Higari are known to each other from their school days. They have been rivals since then and it has spread outside school as well.

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