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Whenever any manga series that has been continuing for the past few months or years end, it comes a blow to its fans. It is quite hard to detach from the entertainment we get from the content. The illustrations and story fascinate many readers varying many generations.

The Tokyo Revengers manga ending is also keeping the fans wondering how the manga will conclude. The mangaka has already updated the manga lovers about its sudden closure. Most of the fans are still not over with the happenings of the penultimate chapter which has kept them surprised and thrilled.

So, let us not keep your curiosities alive and put them to rest with all the answers brimming in your mind right now. The blog will navigate you to the right place.

Where is Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending?

Takemichi is the protagonist of this series. The last chapter of the manga released as of now is 277. So, with the announcement of the end of the manga, we can expect that chapter 278 would be the last chapter of this series.

Below we have clearly explained both the penultimate and the ultimate chapters for you. I am sure the information will help you to conclude in your mind how it will finally end.

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Story of Tokyo Revengers Manga

Tokyo Revenge

In the last chapter, Takemichi was killed in the gang war. Mikey was praying for his friend to return. But the chapter also assured the readers would again reunite in the manga. Both the characters were put into their past together. There they realized their mistakes and decided to avoid the sin they had done earlier.

Most of the friends of Takemichi and Mikey who were dead in the gang war have become alive now. They also decided to create a gang with all the people who had come alive. The two main characters to save others from the entire Shiba family and also from Koko and Izana.

The story then moves fast forward to a few years. Both the characters become very cautious about their movement after they have reincarnated. They have learned their lessons from their past mistakes. So, we can expect chapter 278 the last chapter of the manga to have a happy ending.

Fast forward to 11 years now. The entire gang broke up and every gang member is doing good. Takemichi and his love Hina get married. Mikey has become a good racer and Draken is his mechanic.

Takemichi and Mikey have learned from their past mistakes. They are happily married and have built their dream future. But most fans are not happy with this ending. The twist in the tale by the creator is not easily digested by many fans. They were quite happy with the story that was continuing before the twist.

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Now that you know about the Tokyo Revengers manga ending you can share your thoughts about the manga. So, do you like the ending of the manga or were you happy with the story as it was moving ahead before the twist? Do let us know your valuable feedback in the comments below. Till then keep reading our blog to know more stories about other mangas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote the Tokyo Revengers manga series?

Ken Wakui is the mangaka of the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

Which is the last chapter of Tokyo Revengers manga?

Chapter 278 is the last chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

Where was the Tokyo Revengers manga being published?

The Tokyo revengers manga was being published in the Kondesha Shonen weekly magazine.

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