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The Beginning After the End manga is a fantasy-based thrilling webcomic. It has powerful mages and mana beasts. You would also find Godly beings in the manga. This manga has become popular due to the characters included. It has a huge fan base and the plot of the story is quite interesting.

The story has been able to captivate the minds of many all over the globe. It has more than one hundred chapters. So you can understand how long the manga is and how much it is loved by the readers.

So, let us get to know the story in detail. And then you will be able to understand why it has attracted readers on the global platform. The creator of this manga is equally famous and fans love him a lot as well.

The Beginning After The End Manga

In the story, you would find a character named Arthur Leywin. He wants to live a much more fulfilled life compared to the one he is currently living. He faces a lot of financial issues and obstacles that stop him from achieving his goal.

The manga begins with the life of King Grey who dies mysteriously and untimely as well. In his next reincarnation, he is born as Arthur Leywin. He tries to correct the mistakes in his past life in a new continent named Dicathen. The place is filled with magic and fantastic creatures.

Arthur knew the powerful king who lived till his mid-thirties. He moves ahead in the journey of life as a magic-wielding child. His parents are retired adventurers. He gains purpose in his life through his experiences in his present life. This he could not do in his past life.

A very kind dragon sacrificed his life for Arthur. This changes the course of his life. He tries to live a life of sincerity, kindness, and courage with the people he loves. He starts his journey to look for his true place in the world with the help of an elf princess and the Eleven Kingdom of Elenoir.

As time goes by he gets comfortable in his new place with the new people he is associated with. He grows up to be a young and respected figure among them. A war starts between Dicathen and Vritra. Vritra is a clan of deities who are banished and they now live in a continent quite far from Dicathen. Arthur goes through a Déjà vu experience.

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But despite his past life experiences, Arthur has to grow as a leader despite becoming the warmonger monster he was in his earlier life. With the continuity of the war, Arthur gets to know the real truth. He was not reborn in this continent by chance. There was purpose to fulfil and he was not alone who was reborn in this continent. There were others with him too.


As you go ahead with the manga you get to know the real reason for Arthur’s birth on the continent and his real purpose. So, read the manga and get to know the answers in detail. The manga is available in digital and paperback format as well. You can get in online or in a store near you if you are lucky enough! So grab the beginning after the end manga now and share with us your unique experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mangaka of the beginning after the end manga?

The mangaka of the beginning after the end is Tae Ha Lee better known as Turtle Me.

Is it a story of reincarnation?

Yes, the story of the beginning after the end manga is about reincarnation and how the protagonist deals with his situation.

Is it a manga or a webcomic?

The beginning after the end is a web novel and a webcomic popularly known as manga in Japan.

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