Know The Dragon Ball Super Manga Schedule in 2024 Now!

The Dragon Ball Super Manga schedule needs no introduction to its fans. This is a franchise of the famous and legendary Dragon Ball. This series became famous among its fans within six months. It became famous after the defeat of Majin Buu and it had also sent Goku and his team on an adventurous journey.

There is a major difference between Dragon Ball Super and the main manga of Dragon Ball. The anime of Dragon Ball Super anime concluded in 2018. The Dragon Ball Super is in the process of becoming a franchise. From chapter 91 the manga has extended its version of the story. This is prominent in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. With chapter 100 the storyline concluded.

Hence, let us know the entire schedule of the manga of Dragon Super Ball. You would be excited to know the schedule and how you can watch the same. So, read ahead and get to know the entire information in detail. I am sure you would be on the edge of the seat to know about it.

How is Dragon Ball Super Manga Released?

The Super Hero saga came to an end with chapter 103. The climax was a befitting tribute to the mangaka of the series Akira Toriyama. He passed away after the series was over. Now after Akira how the series would move ahead is uncertain. But fans would not be left disappointed. As of now, they have Toyotarou to lead the way. He was introduced during an interview by Toriyama. Akira himself mentioned Toyotarou to be the best replacement for him in the future.

The epilogue of the Super Hero is coming to a close. It is now moving to a new saga. And the fans might have a hint of what it is supposed to come up with. Before the release of the superhero movie, Akira had given hints that the story was getting close to the ending at the end of Dragon Ball-Z.  So, we can make out that the next Arc of the Dragon Ball Super would be the last.

Now some fans are eagerly waiting for the conclusion to finally come to an end. As of now, manga is the only source of entertainment for the fans of the Dragon Ball Super as the weekly release of the anime is not going to come anytime soon. You will also not find the Dragon Ball Super in any Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Since 2015 you will find it in the V Jump magazine. Although Shonen Jump publishes its issue every week. The V Jump publishes its issue every month.

The V Jump magazines are available in the Japanese stores by the 21st of every month. If the 21st is Saturday, Sunday, or a public holiday. In some situations, the V Jump may even defer the date of release as well. The date of release of the next chapter of the series is updated on the previous manga issues. And also on the social media handles of V Jump well in advance.

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Is Dragon Ball Super on a Haitus?

Chapter 103 of Dragon Ball is named Legacy Towards the Future. It was announced by the series that they would be taking a hiatus. Before the death of Akira the fans of the series anticipated a hiatus. The Super manga is known to go on a hiatus after the release of a big story arc. As the superhero arc is coming to a conclusion a hiatus is quite expected.

This is not the first time the series has gone on a hiatus. Earlier when the series went on a hiatus, the fans were devoid of a single chapter for many months. In August 2022 the series took a break. It returned with a new chapter after four long months. According to the mangaka the hiatus was much needed as it prepared him for creating the next big arc. And as promised he came back in December 2022 with the chapter of the High school saga.

As for the current hiatus is concerned there has been no official announcement of when the series will be back to their fans with fresh content. According to the website of V Jump, they have urged their fans to have patience and wait for the series to come back to them in their own time.

With the mangaka Akira passing away and the Superhero arc also coming to a close the brief hiatus was much needed. It was essential for the staff working for Akira to mourn his loss and make up for it by planning the next big arc. Such hiatuses are announced well in advance as mentioned earlier. They are announced through social media handles and official websites. So, that when they come along the fans are not surprised.

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The Continuity of The Dragon Ball Super

As the manga is taking a hiatus, the Shonen Jump and Toyotarou have plans to keep their fans engaged with fresh content. This would help the manga creators to buy some time to plan for the next arc. During the past breaks, V Jump is running a Dragon Ball Super Interval Special which included a special image by Toyotarou. It also included images and information on previous arcs of the series.

The interval last intervals were released in April and May 2024. The April special interval release included a special feature about Gevo. He is Dr. Gero’s son and also a template for Android 16 who was hinted at the Super Hero Arc. In the May interval it included Gohan Beast and the new art depicted the most powerful and newest form of saiyan.

As there is no confirmed release date for the next chapter of the manga. Hence, there is no information on how long the information specials would continue. As per the official website of Dragon Ball until the manga returns the Jump will continue to feature commentaries and imageries from Toyotarou. It will also include special features that would help to make the superhero arc even more enjoyable.

What is The Dragon Ball Super Manga Schedule?

Now after the hiatus when the series returns, it will be easy for American fans to read the manga of Dragon Ball Super. V Jump is owned by Shueisha and most of the title is included in the deal with Viz Media. Hence, the fans residing in America can read the series through the Viz Media Shonen Jump official website or app. The best part of this app is that it releases the chapters after hours of their release in Japan.

The websites of Viz Media release the new chapters after midnight in Japan. This is the case as the JST or Japan Standard Time is ahead of the American Time Zones. The American fans get new chapters the day before the V Jump’s street date. The day V Jump launches their new chapter the American fans get to read the manga the day before.

In the app of Viz Media Shonen Jump, you can read the first three recent chapters for free. This would help you to keep up with the series. And after that, if you wish to read the chapters ahead you can sign up for a monthly premium membership of $2.99. Apart from Viz media, you can get to read the Dragon Ball Super manga on other platforms as well.

Shuisha’s Manga Plus app has the option to read the manga. In Manga Plus you can read and check out the first three chapters and the newest chapters for free. In Manga Plus you can opt for the first read free option. There you can read a portion of every chapter for once. To get access to unlimited free reading you can buy a monthly membership of $1.99 for standard options and $4.99 for deluxe options.

Physical media offers their fans collected volumes, but one thing is for sure they are much behind the chapters being released recently. So, fans have to wait for a while to read the superhero arc. Dragon Ball manga has maintained a strict release date for its fans. Each month starting from 2023 one chapter is released. In 2024 the same pattern is being followed. All the chapters are released on or 21st of each month.

Due to the hiatus, the schedule is subject to change. So, if you wish to keep up with the updates of the manga, you need to check the social media handles regularly. The monthly release schedule of the chapters helps the fans to get enough time to read the chapters.

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So, now you know when is the Dragon Ball Super manga scheduled for 2024. The manga and the Dragon Ball super schedule go simultaneously. It will keep you updated with fresh content. And when you follow it regularly you will not be bored at all. So, as you have time away from reading the manga you can follow the Dragon Ball Super manga and enjoy the series. So, read the super ball and share your thoughts with us. So, happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dragon Ball Super Manga Schedule?

This is about the Dragon Ball Super manga schedule for the release of the new chapters with fresh content for their readers. This schedule has been strictly followed for the past one and a half years.

What is the subscription of the Dragon Ball Super Manga on online apps?

In Manga Plus you can read and check out the first three chapters and the newest chapters for free. To get access to unlimited free reading you can buy a monthly membership of $1.99 for standard options and $4.99 for deluxe options.

When is the Dragon Ball manga going on a hiatus?

The Dragon Ball Super manga is already on a hiatus and there is no official announcement as to when the hiatus will be over.

What is the release schedule of Dragon Ball Super manga?

Each month on or before the 21st a new chapter is released of the manga. This strict schedule is being followed from January 2023 till March 2024. But as the manga is on a hiatus when the schedule will be back, no one knows about it.

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