10 Beautiful Anime for Stephen King Fans in 2024

Stephen King is a very famous name among the list of storytellers. Apart from the anime for Stephen King fans which are reminiscent of his work. He has written 65 novels and novellas and more than 200 short stories. More than 100 movies are being made based on his writing. He has been writing for more than 50 years now and he has a genre to his name.

The contribution of Stephen King to horror stories is incredible. But he has earned a name for himself in science fiction, crime drama, and high fantasy. His work is highly acclaimed worldwide and has been adapted in various mediums including video games.

Below I have listed some of the anime that have stories quite similar to the ones written by Stephen King. Although as of now there has not been any official announcement from Stephen King for his anime adaptation. But the list below would keep his fans entertained and full for the time being.

List of Anime For Stephen King Fans

There are many animes that are quite similar to the stories of Stephen King. I have tried to compile them into a list and provide it to you. You can choose any one from them or go through the entire list and read them one by one in detail. Anyhow you have the whole platter in front of you, just choose the one you wish to savor.

1. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Traps a Group of Friends in a Haunted School

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Traps a Group of Friends in a Haunted School

This is a four-episode OVA-based anime. It was released in July 2013. It is based on the popular Corpse Party horror adventure video game. It focuses on a group of high school students who perform a ritual. After that, they find themselves in a haunted elementary school. It is filled with the dense and deadly spirits of the students who were slaughtered.

There is enough content in all the episodes of the series. You would even find visceral scares and graphic violence in the series as well. In the story, the characters are overwhelmed. They have to survive against vengeful spirits in a haunted house. This story has a lot of similarities with Stephen King’s paranormal tales like The Shining, and short stories like 1408. In the horror stories of Stephen King, ghosts are the main predators and restless spirits.

2. Shiki Effectively Captures Stephen King’s Supernatural Paranoia

2. Shiki Effectively Captures Stephen King’s Supernatural Paranoia

In most of the works of Stephen King, you would come across a town that suddenly finds itself surrounded by dark forces. You would find the same element of horror in Shiki. It is a 22-episode horror anime released in 2010. The story is about a Japanese Village which is facing a lot of vampire problems. The story of Shiki is set in the community of Sotoba. And many viewers find the story similar to Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

Both the stories have a lot in common. Both of them have a mystery element in them. And some of the people of the community try to stop the people from dying. The audience would be kept on the edges of their seat till the end of the story. The vampires in both stories are inspired by the classic creatures we see during the night. And the best part of the creatures is they have their own set of rules to follow.

3. Housing Complex C indulges in Experimental Eldritch Horror

Housing Complex C

There is an excellent distribution channel for anime which has helped the North American audience watch the anime. It helped the classic anime series find international fame which would otherwise would have been impossible. The name of the channel is Adult Swim.

It has helped to fund and produce several original anime and Housing Complex C is one of them. It was released in 2022. It is a slow-burn horror movie. The story has a series of odd events that happen in a small low-cost apartment complex. The story revolves around Kimi and Yuri, two young girls. They try to make some sense of the disturbing events but the situation is far from reality.

In the anime, you would come across cosmic horror which took most of their audiences by surprise. Stephen King has a quite comparable atmosphere in almost all his stories. An audience if you have watched Housing Complex C then you might find it similar to the movies like King’s Revival, The Mist, and IT.

4. A Promised Neverland Patiently Reveals a Dark Twist And a Dangerous Truth

A Promised Neverland

Are you looking for the biggest anime of the last decade? If yes then a Promised Neverland is the one for you. It was released in 2019. The quality of the anime may disappoint you and the sequel may not be that impressive but still, it retains the position of being the best one. The anime has a strong plot and the characters included are quite impressive.

The story is about a few children who are gifted at birth. They get to know that the orphanage they are staying in is not a haven for them. Instead, it is a place where they are being held captive and later would be used as food for demons. They somehow escape an orphanage. Many children escaped the orphanage and were ready to face demons roaming around in the surroundings.

The Promised Neverland is a unique story. However many elements in the story are similar to the story of Under the Dome and the Institute by Stephen King. In both the stories, you would find the reality is far from what the characters of the story believe it to be. And when the actual truth is revealed it turns out to be more dangerous and complicated. You would find the shades of other stories of Stephen in the Promised Neverland.

5. Heavenly Delusion Immerses Audiences in a Complex Post-Apocalyptic World Rich in Nuance

Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion is an anime from 2023. It deals with narrative and how to make the world a better place. The story revolves around Tokyo. It keeps the city safe from the perils lurking outside. The entire story is surrounded by a lot of mystery and gives the audience some food for thought to ponder on the point of how good the world of Tokyo inside the boundary is.

The story has two separate groups of characters who diverge together and bring the story to a point of release and relief. The setting, the introduction of the characters, and the narration of the story are quite similar to the story The Stand of Stephen King. But apart from these few similarities, there are a lot of differences between both stories.

6. Paranoia Agent is a Haunting Exploration of Mob Mentality and The Horrors of a Plagued Psyche

Paranoia Agent

This anime is a psychological thriller and is a mind-bending horror story. The creator of this story is Satoshi Kon. He has created anime feature films like Perfect Blue and Paprika. But Paranoia Agent released in 2011 is one attempt he has made to make it one full series of an anime. It is a perfect blend for any proper anime in terms of episodes, serialized, and storytelling approaches.

The story revolves around a roller skating assailant who always carries a bat named Lil’ Slugger. With time Slugger grows and changes and gains power and social phenomena. The story also tells about how words and ideas have immense strength to bring any change.

Each episode of the anime has something different to offer to its audience. They have a different perspective of the victim and the predator has a different introduction in all the episodes. The storyteller uses a different perspective to show the story and the ulterior motive behind it. The frayed psyche and the way the themes are portrayed in the anime have a strong similarity to the dark works of Stephen King.

7. Another Unpacks a Creepy Curse Dense in Grief And Melodrama

This story is an evocative anime with horror elements. It was released in 2012. You would find a lot of similarities between Another with Pet Sematary. The plot of the story may differ between the two but the rest remains the same. Both the stories deal with loss and grief and it has an underlying meaning that sometimes death happens for the good.

In the anime, you would come across a transfer student named Koichi who tries to solve a murder mystery in his class. It begins as a light-hearted series but soon a darker energy consumes it. There is a girl named Misaki in the story. She is quite unusual and is hence she is ignored by all her other classmates. Koichi was fascinated by Misaki and he felt deeply sad for her loneliness. But in reality, Misaki’s character reveals a tragic curse in the story. And that curse lured them into their classroom for decades. 

8. Elfen Lied is a Sad And Scary Tale of Discrimination And Social Injustice

Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied is an anime released in 2004. It revolves around a character Lucy an amnesiac mutant. She had kinetic powers which were quite deadly. To avoid any kind of discrimination she leads a normal life among the humans. Lucy is quite confused with her ability and her condition and tries hard to come to terms with the powers she has. She tries to do the same by murdering others. Such a storyline reminds us of Stephen King’s novels Firestarter and Carrie.

Lucy has no intention of hurting others but she is being used by the alienating forces to be treated as a weapon rather than a person. Such female-centric stories deal with bodily changes and metaphorically talk about puberty, society, and acceptance.

In the story, The Shop Stephen King portrays government agencies that are responsible for human science experiments. They have people like Lucy locked up in rooms to be used for such heinous experiments.

9. Death Note’s Macabre Premise Feels Tailor-made For Stephen King’s Voice

Death Note

It is counted among one of the world’s biggest anime and manga. Death Note was released in 2007. It has left a big mark on the global pop culture. It has been compared to American live-action movies like Godzilla and Blair Witch. The anime of Death Note is true to its title. As the name suggests it has the power to kill anyone whose name is written on the pages.

This anime has the same storyline as you would find in that of Stephen King. He generally has a plot where a special object when it falls into the hands of the evil person brings in a series of dark events one by one. In Stephen King’s stories, you would find rich morality with power and responsibility. The same element you would find in Death Note as well.

10. Erased is a Scary And Suspenseful Time Travel Murder Mystery


Erased is an anime that uses a rather complicated theme to stop historical events. In 11.22.63 Stephen King tried to bring up the idea of time travel and tried to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Erased has a similar protagonist. Here the character named Satoru can travel back in time. But he is also able to send his consciousness back to his younger self.

Satoru uses the rival power to solve any problem he faces. But due to his mother’s death, he is being sent back 18 years due to time travel. And now he is just 11 years old. In spite of that, he still retains the ability to save the life of his mother and also stop the serial killer who is taking the lives of the children. This story has a very deep moral in it. As it depicts time pushes back much harder even when someone tries to change it.


Now you have a whole list of anime for Stephen King fans who are interested in similar content. I am sure the list will help you find the type of story you have been looking for. The list has all types of genres touched by Stephen King through his stories. Some of the animes are famous and you might find the stories of Stephen King also mirror the same idea. So, find the stories you would love to read and share your feedback with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Name some anime for Stephen King fans.

To name some of the animes for Stephen King fans are Erased, Another, Housing Complex C, Shiki, Death Note, and more.

What are the genres of stories written by Stephen King?

Stephen King has written for genres like science fiction, crime drama, and high fantasy.

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