The First Official One Piece Cafe in The US is Now Open From 2024

As the popularity of manga is increasing each day, new products and attractive options for bringing manga characters into reality are being introduced each day. The first official One Piece café in the US is now open.

This café is the first of its kind in America. And hence, manga lovers are excited to visit the place. So, ahead of their grand opening, they have released a video about the official restaurant.

So, do wish to know where the café of your favorite manga is available? If yes then just read ahead and get to know the details now. You can also pay a visit to the café after getting to know about it.

One Piece Manga Themed Café in The US

The first ever One Piece manga-themed café is now open in Las Vegas Nevada. They have released pictures and information about the café through a press release before their opening. The grand opening will take place on May 11th, 2024.

There are several festivities lined up for the opening. Among them, there would be special character appearances by Luffy and Zoro from the manga from 11 am to 2 pm. And there would be giveaways as well.

The café is situated at 5600, Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada – 89146. They can also get more information from the Instagram account, and the official web page of the café as well.

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During the soft launch of the café various food and merchandise options of the café were on display. In the press release, there were stretchy Mochi cookies. They are available in various flavors like mango, Strawberry, and matcha flavors. You would find a vanilla sponge cake dipped in a decadent white chocolate shell and decorated with fresh fruits known as Gum-gum fruit moose bomb is also available. This cake is inspired by the manga where Luffy gets his amazing abilities by consuming a similar mythical devil fruit.


Here you have all the information regarding the first official One Piece Cafe in the US is now open. You can drop in and have the flavors and foods enjoyed by your favorite characters in the manga. I am sure you would also love the merchandise and love to buy it for friends and loved ones. Do let us know how was your visit to the café. See yaaa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the First official One Piece Cafe in the US now open?

The first official One Piece café in the US is now open in Las Vegas Nevada.

When is the café opening?

The café will have its grand opening on May 11th, 2024 from 11 am to 11 pm.

What is the specialty of the One-piece manga-themed café?

The One Piece manga-themed café is the very first in US. People can enjoy the kind of food enjoyed by the manga characters, They can also buy the merchandise products inspired by the manga characters.

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