Know Your Jump Assemble Characters of 2024 And Win The Exciting Game Now!

The Jump Assemble characters allow you to combine your favorite anime heroes as they fight against each other in a fierce battle. All the characters are from Shueisha’s most iconic manga titles.

The mangas included in Jump Assemble are Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Demon Slayer. You can make your groups with your friends and enemies as well and plan a strategy to fight in the battle.

All the characters have their unique style and skills. So, you can utilize the potential of all the characters plan your battle accordingly, and crave your oath to win the battle. Just read the below blog and decide on the strategy now.

The Jump Start Assemble Game

In the Jump Start Assemble Game, you can experience a multiplayer online battle arena better known as 5v5 MOBA. According to the game, the player must create their team from the list of 31 characters who are selected from the most popular manga and anime from Shuiesha.

The battle arenas are themed around the iconic locations from the series where the characters belong to. This is an added advantage of the game and makes it more nostalgic.

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All The Jump Assemble Characters

Each of the characters Jump Assemble has unique characteristics and has unique special moves. They even have dedicated designations during the battle like the fighter, mage, ranger, and support. Their job during the battle is also designated as the fighters deal with melee damage, the tanks absorb the damage, and the mages are good with burst damage, rangers deal with long-range damage. Apart from them, there are also members of the support who are designated to heal their teammates during the war.

As per the requirement of the game the player has to control various points on a large map. When the health point of a player runs out they are knocked out. They have to wait for a point to cool down before they join the battle.

The characters of Jump Assembly are as follows:

Money D. LuffyOne Piece
Monkey D. LuffyOne Piece
Boa HanckockOne Piece
UsoppOne Piece
Tony Tony ChopperOne Piece
Son GokuDragon Ball
Son Goku  (Super saiyan)Dragon Ball
FriezaDragon Ball
Majin BooDragon Ball
Naruto Uzumaki (Genin)Naruto
Naruto Uzumaki (Nine Tails Junchuriki)Naruto
Minato NamikazeNaruto
Sasuke UchihaNaruto
Tanjiro KamadoDemon Slayer
Nezuko KamadoDemon Slayer
Inozuke HashibaraDemon Slayer
Zenitsu AgatsumaDemon Slayer
Shinobu KochoDemon Slayer
Gon FreecssHunter x Hunter
Ichigo KurosakiBleach
Orihime InoueBleach
Urya IshidaBleach
Yoruichi ShihouinBleach
Yuji ItadoriJujutsu Kaisen
Megumi FushiguroJujutsu Kaisen
Nobara KugisakiJujutsu Kaisen
AndyUndead Unlock
Fuuko IzumoUndead Unlock
Mash BurnedeadMashle
Lance CrownMashle

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I hope now you are familiar with the Jump Assemble characters. They are the best of the lot selected from the different mangas. They are the best of the fighters from the manga characters. Hence, enjoy the battle between the titans. You may share your experience and feedback with us through your comments. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Jump Assemble characters are there?

There are 31 Jump Assemble characters in total.

How is the Jump Assemble character selected?

The Jump Assemble characters are selected from the Shueisha manga titles.

What is the method of the Jump Assemble game?

According to the rules of the game, the player has to control various points on a large map. When the health point of a player runs out they are knocked out. They have to wait for a point to cool down before they join the battle.

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