Mushoku Tensei Manga After Anime | Do You Know Where to Begin?

The most awaited manga sequel of 2023 was Mushoku Tensei: jobless reincarnation. Although the exact date for the release has not being announced. The fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the season 2 of the anime. The fans are eagely aiting for the return of the character of Rudeus Greyrat.

In the Anime Japan festival in 2023, on the Green Stage on Dya 2 the sequal was announced to be released on July of the same year. And other major announcements for the first official trailer was also announced. Hence, this manga series has been a much awaited release for its anime.

If you are wondering where to start reading the manga after the anime has ended then you have to wait a bit more. You have to read further in the blog and get to know all the relevant details.

Mushoku Tensei Manga After Anime

Mushoku Tensei

The season of the mushoku tensei anime coves the six volumes of the manga series. So, you can easily start reading the manga from the seventh volumes. The last episode of the part two of season one was Wake up and take a Step. It is the final chapters of the volume six of the manga series.

Yuka Fujikawa is the creator of this manga series. The first season ended in the middle of chapter 26 of volume five. So, to be more specific you can start reading the manga from chapter 26 of volume 5 to just avoid any confusion.

When the anime was released, it received a lot of criticism from the fans. This happened as most of the crucial parts were omitted by the creator of the anime and the entire volume was not adapted for the anime.

In the next volume the mushoku tensei anime would start with the adolescence period event where Rudeus and the other characters of the series would enter their teenage years. Seven seas is the English publisher of the manga series.

In the Anime Japan event it is announced that Tomokazu Sugita will provide the voice for the teenage character of Rudeus Greurat. This news took the fans by surprise as he is a very renowned voice of artist in Japan.

Hiroki Hirano was the assistant director in the first season of the anime. And in season two he will be directing the anime himself, replacing Manabu Okamoto. And the animation will take place in Studio Bind. Okamoto was the script director for the series in season one as well. But in season two Toshiya Ono will be replacing him for supervising the script. Sanae Simada will be replacing as the designer of the characters from Kazutaka Sugiyama. Other cast and crew remains same as the previous sequel.


Now you have the exact place from where to start mushoko tensei manga after anime. Hope you love the anime and the manga series. Most of the fans are eagerly waiting for the season two of the anime and expect it to be much better than the previous one. So, let’s hope for the best. Do let us know what you think about the manga series and the anime in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Mushoku Tensei manga after anime begins?

You can start reading the manga from the seventh volume. Till the first six volumes the anime has been adapted.

What can be expected in the second season of Mushoku Tensei anime?

In the second season we may see the main character Rudeus and other characters have grown up to be teens.

Who is the creator of the manga series Mushoku Tensei?

Yuka Fujikawa is the dreator of the manga series Mushoku tensei.

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