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Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime series. Both the manga series and the anime are equally thrilling and exciting to read and watch. Some are excited to read the manga and some are more interested to see the anime. The manga series is finished. Hence the audience is eagerly waiting as to how beautifully the manga is adapted into the anime.

Most people are comparing which one is better the manga or the anime. The answer to this can be relatable. As each one has their own choice and preferences it varies from person to person which one is a better option?

Below I have written a blog drawing a comparison on which is better than the other. I have included the good and the bad of both versions. So it is up to you to decide which one would you prefer.

The Storyline of Demon Slayer Manga vs Anime

Demon Slayer Manga vs Anime

The anime adaptation of Demon Slayer is true to the manga series. The anime has depicted every story in the manga series in the order they are. The story depicts a boy named Tanjiro Kamado who finds himself in a war between the demons and the slayers. His family members are murdered by Muzan Kibutsuji. His sister Nezuko survives the ordeal but is transformed into a demon. Tanjiro joins the fight against Muzan Kibutsuji, to find a solution to bring back Nezuko. In his purpose, he makes some friends and some enemies as well. 

In the manga, there is a lot of narration involved. Whereas in the anime there is no such narration. The Swordsmith Village Arc received a lot of criticism but the Entertainment District Arc did not. This happened as in the story after awakening the demon slayer mark the upper demon moon Goyyko was easily defeated by Muichiro Tokito.

The true form of Goyyko is different from the one depicted in the manga. Goyyko is much scarier in the manga series. Hence, some of the audience might not be happy his character was depicted in the anime.

The Visual Effects of Demon Slayer Manga vs Anime

The illustrations in the anime of the Demon Slayer are stunning. But the manga does not carry the same effect of the illustrations as it has on the anime. The manga carries the charm it has and usually, any other manga would have. Readers who are more interested in knowing about the story and not the manga are not concerned about the illustrations much.

Fans of anime would look for the illustrations but manga lovers majorly look for the content and the storyline. The manga has been so well adapted in the anime of the Demon Slayer that it has got an overwhelming response from the audience. The anime has surpassed all the other animes made to date from the manga series.

Ufotable is the production house that created the anime of Demon Slayer. They have created the action sequences of this anime wonderfully. The scenes are incomparable to any action scene in any anime to date.  Anime lovers were in awe of the scenes created in Demon Slayer. The animation in Swordsmith Village Arc has drawn a lot of criticism and fans even think the animation of season 3 of Demon Slayer is not as good as the previous season.

The Set Price of Demon Slayer Manga vs Anime

Any manga lover would collect the box set of the entire collection of Demon Slayer. Even the box of anime would be equally expensive for anime lovers. But I feel buying a box set of Blue-ray collection anime is worth the shot. The Blu-ray collection would have extra content, additional features, and perks and commentaries.

If you compare the prices of the manga and the anime set then the manga box set is more expensive than the anime box set. So, now the decision is yours. So you have to choose which collection is more appealing to you.

The Continuity of Demon Slayer Manga vs Anime

Some feel the manga version is much better than the anime one. The chapter of Swordsmith Village Arc is more appealing than the one presented in the anime. The manga version is complete, so if you wish to know the story till the end then you must opt for the manga version.

However how you like a story in manga or anime version solely depends on how you wish to enjoy it. Are you more comfortable with the manga version or the anime version? The choice is yours’.

Some may carry the notion that reading the complete manga version may destroy their excitement for the anime. But it is not the truth. Manga is the source for the anime. And hence, reading the manga might give you a clear idea of how the adaptation has been made. It would help you to relate both the versions of manga and anime. You can be sure whether the anime version missed anything that is mentioned in the manga.

Which is the better version of Demon Slayer?

The preference is on the reader or the audience and which is more appealing to them. The anime version is too good to be missed. The visual effects and the depiction of the scenes are mesmerizing to watch. The anime brought the manga to life and did full justice to the story. The anime does not deviate from the original story. The visual and audio effects used and the voice-over used add laurels to the animation.


Hope the blog helped you to understand and choose the correct option for you Demon Slayer manga vs anime. As you have all the information here, you can now choose the one which is more appealing to you. To know the complete story you can read the manga. To watch the story come to life with additional effects you can watch the anime. So, decide for yourself and let us know in the comment below. We would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Demon Slayer manga vs anime which is better?

The choice lies in the hands of the person. Both the manga and the anime have merits and drawbacks. Both are equally good but the anime drew more audience than the manga.

Are the effects used in the anime series good in Demon Slayer?

The visual effects, audio effects, and action sequences shown in the anime of Demon Slayer have blown away the mind of the audience. The anime is too good to be seen.

Which anime studio created Demon Slayer?

Ufotable is the anime studio that created Demon Slayer.

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