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Attack on Titan was one such manga series that would be remembered in the history of manga forever. Do you wish to know why? The answer is quite incredible. The fans of this manga series were quite overwhelmed with the story line and they loved the way the manga continued. But they were not happy with the way it ended. So, let us know why was it so.

The attack on the Titan manga series ended in 2021. But the ending did not go well with the readers. As they were not happy with the way it ended. The fans were so unhappy with the ending that they made a petition and made the creator change the ending.

So, if you are unaware of how the Attack on Titan manga ending took place, then read the blog now. I am sure you will get all the answers to your queries now. You also get to know the actual story of the manga and how it ended.

Story of Attack of Titan Manga

The story of Attack of Titan is written by Hajime Isayama and it is about Eren Yeager. He witnessed his mother being eaten by a Titan. This happened when Shiganshina was attacked by a group of Titans which was led by the Collosal and the Armoured Titans. But later Eren found out he can himself turn into a titan as well.

In the ending of the manga, depicts a character named Mikasa entering the mouth of the Founding Titans. Later Eren showed her an alternate timeline where they eloped and spent the last four years of their life together. While they escaped it did not have any impact on the ongoing war. This was a cycle of hate and to end it Mikasa killed Eren by cutting off his head.

Mikasa brought the head of Armin another character in the manga series. And both of them mourned the death of Eren. Mikasa left the battlefield with the head of Eren. She wanted to give it a proper burial. But that would not have been possible had others come to know about the truth of Eren. Eren has created havoc through the Rumbling, as it led to the power of the Titans vanishing from the world. This also made the Eldians become like normal human beings.

Here the ending looked justifiable to some, but the manga had a lot of loopholes which was not acceptable by many. Armin convinced Zeke to help him to get out of the path and sacrifice himself. This will make Levi to cut him down and stop the rumbling. Now this did not go right with the fans of the attack of the Titans. As Zeke is a character in the manga who is constantly plotting and scheming and wishes to begin a war.

The way Eren behaved in front of Armin was not the way he usually behaved. Even with Mikasa, he behaved very strangely. He was rude to her earlier but out of the blue he started confessing his love for her when he spoke of Armin.

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Fans also did not like the fact that another character in the manga series Ymir was in love with King Fritz. Another thing disliked by the fans was that Eren found the titan Ymir and Mikasa had fallen in love with a person similar to Ymir. Apart from this reason, there are others to dislike the ending of Attack of Titans. The main difference of opinion is between the group who likes the original manga and those who like the fan fiction.

Attack on Titan Manga Ending: Will it be Happy or Sad?

As reports are to be believed the ending of the Attack of Titans is going to be neither happy nor sad. Despite his actions the passing away of Eren was not acceptable for many fans. The best part was that the Eldians got to live a free life for themselves.

Eren died three years ago and Mikasa would still visit his grave. She went there believing he would come back to her as she could not get over him. The other characters of Gabi, Levi, Falco, and Onyakapon could walk freely to other countries. Others like Reiner, Connie, Jean, Armin, Perk, and Annie returned to Paradise Island.

The last few chapters of the manga series depicted that the peace was not long-lasting, and humanity was again engulfed in war. It spread the message that violence and war were an inevitable part of humanity. But peace can be achieved through a lot of struggle. But ultimately the chaos rules above all.

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So, do you like the way the Attack of Titans manga ended? Some like it and some may not, it is their choice. Although the author had expressed that he has new ideas about bringing in changes in the storyline. He plans to make Eren more likable to the readers. He even changed the entire ending of the manga series. So, let us see what changes he brings into his characters and the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Attack of Titan manga ending?

The ending of the manga series was not acceptable to most fans. The characters that they did not like were walking away freely and those the audience liked died and the story has an unexpected ending.

Who is the mangaka of Attack of Titan?

The mangaka of Attack of titan is Hajime Isayama.

Who killed Eren in the Attack of the Titans manga series?

Mikasa killed Eren in Attack of the titans a manga series.

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