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Do not confuse this manga series with the famous story you have known since childhood. This is quite different from the former. Although both may sound the same to you. This is not fantasy but a sci-fiction one. And due to its popularity, it has sold over 1.3 million copies worldwide as of March 2016.

Fans are eager to know how the Alice in Borderland manga ending is. The anime has ended its second season. So fans are confused whether the manga series has also ended or not.

So, let us get to know the real story of Alice in Borderland and how the manga ended. I am sure you would love to know the story as much as you are dying to know the ending of the story too.

Alice in Borderland on Netflix

The creator of Alice in Borderland is Haro Aso. His manga series was also adapted in a major Netflix adaptation. It was directed by Shinsuke Sato. It had an IMDb rating of 7.6. The adaptation received much appreciation worldwide for its graphics, action sequences, cinematography, casting, and visuals.

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The Manga of Alice in Borderland

The story goes ahead while playing three rounds of croquet with Mira. Arisu the Queen of Hearts wins the game. The other participants of the game are given the option to either stay or leave Borderland. The other players, Usagi, Heiya, Arisu, Aguni, Kiuna, Chishiyaand Niragi refused to stay in Borderland. Other players named Banda and Yaba who were the Jack of Hearts participants agreed to stay.

Arisu had an audience who was a mysterious being. He had a signature Joker Card and appeared with it. He transported Arisu to the real world. There Arisu woke up amidst the meteor disaster that blew up the city of Tokyo. And there was no proof of the city anymore.

Arisu met Usagi in the real world. But they could not recognize each other and tried to have an experience of Déjà vu. They even tried to know each other. The final chapter of the manga Alice in Borderland was named the 731st Day of Restitution. This comes two years after Arisu comes to the real world and also after the meteor disaster took place.

There was a reporter on the streets who was asking questions to random people about what they lived for. In return, he received simple as well as strange answers to his questions. The last person the reporter interviewed was Arisu, who could not answer as he got interrupted by a phone call. After Arisu answers the call the person on the other side of the phone is not revealed. But readers think it to be Usagi. On the phone call, Arisu talked about his profession as a clinical psychologist. His professor praised his reports and was planning a hiking trip for beginners.

Alice in Borderland Manga Ending

In the season 2 the anime the adaptation was picture-perfect to the manga series. But in the last moment, there was a twist in the tale. In the manga, there was an interaction between the Joker and Arisu. And this was one of the most awaited and interesting parts of the manga series which has kept the fans waiting. This was changed in the adaptation.

In the manga, the Joker takes a physical body. But in the adaptation, only his card was shown to the audience. At the very end of the last episode, a deck of cards flew by and the last card is that of the Joker.

Hence, fans are not very hopeful about a next season 3 coming in. As the major content of the manga has been covered in season 2 there is not much content left for season 3.

The Alice in Borderland manga was published between April 2011 and April 2016. 87 chapters were published to be precise. The manga series ended as the mangaka decided to retire from drawing mangas. But after some time he resumed his job and started the Alice in Borderland Retry. They were released in December 2020 and February 2021. However, the creator does not intend to continue the manga story of Alice in Borderland anymore.

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So, how do you like the Alice in Borderland manga ending? Was it interesting or not good? Do let us know through your comments. We would love to know them. But one thing is for sure the manga has ended as the mangaka has decided to retire from creating mangas. So, you can only buy physical copies of the mangas or watch the adaptation of the manga on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the mangaka of Alice in Borderland?

Haro Aso is the creator of the famous manga series Alice in Borderland.

Is the manga series adapted to any OTT platform?

Yes, the popularity of the manga series helped Netflix to adapt it into animation. It has an IMDb rating of 7.6.

What is the Alice in Borderland manga ending?

At the end of the manga series Alice in Borderland, Arisu gets to meet the Joker in its physical form.

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