Why is Goku vs Frieza So Long in Dragon Ball Z | Know The Reason RN!

The Dragon Ball series is quite famous among anime lovers. It includes intense fights and powerful scenes and it seems the action would last forever. But do you know why is Goku vs Frieza so long in Dragon Ball Z. I will reveal the real reason in this blog.

The characters in the anime are quite well-known in the anime world and also in the pop culture. But there is a drawback in the Dragon Ball anime that is the fight sequences included in the anime are depicted in a much shorter way in the manga.

So, let us get to know why is Goku vs Frieza so long in Dragon Ball Z. There have been many memes and jokes based on Dragon Ball. But there are reasons why the fight sequences were stretched so long.

Why is Goku vs Frieza So Long in Dragon Ball Z?

In the anime when the episode of the action sequence of Frieza was being pictured, the mangaka Akira Toriyama was still in the process of completing the manga. So, the animation production company Toei or Akira did not expect the manga to catch up so fast with the manga. Hence, they were hardly prepared to deal with the situation so fast.

In the Namek saga anime, many manga chapters were adapted in one episode of the anime. So, when the fight between Goku vs Frieza the production company was bound to include a single chapter of the anime.  Hence, the result was in a single episode of 23 minutes it included 20 to 30 pages of action.

If you have watched the Dragon Ball Z of the Frieza saga then you know this did not do any good to the manga but rather made the reputation down. The whole episode was filled with action between Frieza and Goku. In between exchanging the blows, there were dialogues between them. They even screamed at the top of their voices to bring in more power than they needed. To increase the runtime, the reactions of the other characters were also included

The episode was stretched so long only for the sake of the mangaka Akira. He did not have to rush out with the manga chapters so that the anime would not run out of content for continuing the episodes. Some viewers believe it was good to stretch the fight between Goku and Frieza. Although the action moved at the pace of a snail it helped the mangaka not to create just anything for the sake of the manga to catch up with the anime.

If you have regularly watched the episodes of the Dragon Ball then you must have noticed that this mistake was never repeated ever again in the entire series. There were some of the fight sequences that were stretched out but not like the one of Goku vs Frieza.

The audience believes the animation production Toei has learned the lesson the hard way. So, they would now wait for the manga to have a few more chapters to be released before the anime gets more content for telecasting the episodes. So, we can say the show is on hiatus right now. Now the manga is still running quite successfully and new content is produced by Akira. So, we can say the anime is accumulating more content to continue with their episode with the right content about Goku’s adventure and his life.

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At last, you have the answer for why is Goku vs Frieza so long in Dragon Ball Z. Some viewers find the long episodes quite interesting to watch but some feel the episode was unnecessarily stretched to increase the runtime. So, what are your views after watching the episode of Goku vs Frieza? Did you like it or not, share your valuable feedback through the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Goku vs Frieza So Long in Dragon Ball Z?

In Dragon Ball Z the fight between Goku and Frieza is stretched so long as the manga did not have more content that could be adapted to the anime. This helped the mangaka to create more chapters of the manga with more time in hand.

Who is the mangaka of Dragon Ball?

Akira Toriyama is the creator of the mangaka of Dragon Ball.

What is the last episode of the Dragon Ball anime?

Episode 25 is the last episode of the Dragon Ball anime.

In which arc is the Dragon Ball Z episode?

The Dragon Ball Z episode is in the Namek Saga

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