Is The Romantic Killer Manga Ending Now?

The popularity gained by the manga world is due to the intricate illustrations, brilliant content, and excellent supernatural presentation. These together make any manga quite desirable to anyone interested in this genre. So, are you interested to know more about such manga? If yes then you are on the right page.

The Romantic Killer manga ending is quite different from the manga regularly released in magazines. This manga has a romantic storyline. It has humor and all the other ingredients needed to attract the attention of any young reader. The story is about a young teenager and hence has gained a lot of popularity among young manga fans.

So, let us dive deep into the story and understand what the romantic killer manga ending is. I know the story has kept you on the edge of your seat and you are eager to know how it ends. So, read ahead and know the truth yourself.

Romantic Killer Manga Story

The Romantic Killer manga was published in the Shonen Jump magazine from 2019 to 2020. The anime was telecasted in the year 2022. The story is about Anzu a young vibrant teenager. She is transformed into a wizard by Riri. After the transformation, she gains extraordinary strength but loses her ability to fall in love with someone. The story goes ahead with a lot of comic situations and how the girl balances her real and magical life.

Romantic Killer Manga Ending

The story ends with Anzu who tries to lift the magical curse on her but she is unable to understand the romance. The story of the manga revolves around the spell of magic. Even after she gets rid of the magical curse on her, Anzu remains quite immature.

Due to the magical spell on her, she felt emotionally drained and struggled to get rid of the crisis. Till the end of the story, she kept on fighting her issues and trying to bring balance to her life.

The creator of this manga story maintains the true colors of the characters till the end. Anzu the young girl does not get mature over the one story arc. The confusion and emptiness she feels in her character is quite natural and any girl of her age or in her situation might feel the same way.

The anime adaptation of Romantic Killer has gained quite a popularity among manga fans. It demonstrates the appetite for anime or manga and similar types of manga content. It also hints at the fact that should Wataru Momose bring in another manga series like Romantic Killers. He may even bring in a sequel to the manga series as the Romantic Killers manga series has officially ended.

Another Sequel to Romantic Killer?

Romantic Killer Manga Ending

The fans are still quite apprehensive that the creator has left room in the story of Romantic Killers to create a sequel of the story later. The wizard Riri continues to create the magical girl power while remaining secret. So, we can even expect a sequel to the story later.

In the story Romantic Killers Anzu is shown as having a crush on another boy in her school named Ryo. But the guy is shown not to be much interested in Anzu. Even another guy named Hiyori remains oblivious to Anzu’s feelings and does not go for any commitment. So, manga fans are anticipating a separate story of Anzu bringing some clarity to her romantic life.

A sequel to The Romantic Killers has not been announced officially. But there is much room in the story published which can give rise to another story from the previous one. In interviews, Momose has mentioned that he is not interested in creating sequels. But he is rather looking forward to creating more fresh content for manga lovers on humor, comedy, and romance. But still, if the demand continues he and Rii Miyamae can even revisit their old characters if required.

So, the fans can only wait for the creators to find the most opportune moment to resume the manga and bring the Romantic Killers to its much-awaited conclusion for the fans.


The manga of Romantic Killers continued for four long years and finally ended. As there is room for adding more content to the story and creating another sequel to it. Riri has been portrayed as continuing with her magical practices. So, there is much potential for the story to continue. Although the creative team has not announced any news regarding the continuity of the manga. So, fans have to wait for the right moment to see the Romantic Killers manga ending.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of the Romantic Killer manga series?

Wataru Momose is the mangaka of the Romatic kiler manga series.

Is the Romantic Killer manga ending confirmed?

The mangaka has officially announced that the Romantic killer manga series has ended.

What happens to Anzu in Romantic Killer at the end of the story?

In the manga series, Anzu gets rid of the magical spell on her but she is not able to romantically get involved with anyone.

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