How Many Episodes Are in Wind Breaker Season 1 on Netflix For Free?

The Wind Breaker anime has taken the young generation by storm. The action-packed drama and narration of the story appeal a lot to the high school genre. Hence, how many episodes are in Wind Breaker season 1 is the question most of them have in their mind.

The Wind Breaker is an action-packed anime. And within the first season of the anime it has provided its audience with an amazing story arc. The story of the Wind Breaker has brought the Furin High School to the world map and has shown the power of a High school student.

So, gear up to experience the world of power and strength. And experience a world where respect is earned through fights. The protagonist has to prove his skills to earn a name for himself in his school.

Wind Breaker Anime

The central theme of the story is the control of loyalty and territory for oneself is only through power. Haruka Sakura joined the school and being a new student had looks that were quite unconventional. He was also a skilled fighter with exceptional powers. He wanted to prove himself through his fighting skills and reach at the topmost position in his school.

Haruka was not interested in involving in any petty issues like his other classmates. Hence, he kept himself away from any kind of weaknesses. He only looked for people who were stronger than him and challenged them to prove his worth.

Among his friends in school who were unruly and chaotic, he wanted to prove himself as the most intense and capable fighter in his school.

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How Many Episodes are in Wind Breaker Season 1?

The season 1 of the Wind Breaking anime has 12 episodes in total. The finale of the first season would conclude on June 21st, 2024 at midnight as per the JST or Japan Standard Time. For other countries globally the time would vary as per their International time zone. You can watch the Wind Breaker anime season 1 on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. The streaming platforms may vary with the specific country you belong to. Hence, you have to look for the streaming platform that is available in your country and also per your choice.

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As you have the information as to how many episodes are in Wind Breaker season 1. You can select the streaming platform of your choice and watch the intense combat of the school kids for control of power and position. I am sure you would love the anime and the finale would keep you at the edges of your seat. So, just watch the entire season for the most jaw-dropping action and amazing storyline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many episodes are in Wind Breaker season 1?

There are 12 episodes in season 1 of Wind Breaker anime.

Who is the creator of Wind Breaker manga?

The mangaka or the creator of Wind Breaker is Satoru Nii.

Where can I watch the Wind Breaker anime?

You can watch the Wind Breaker anime on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

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